Early Life

Zlati Evtimova is a Bulgarian artist based in Rome, who was born in a village in the mountain of Orpheus, Rhodope, where music and art are intertwined in everyday life since time immemorial. She grew up very close to traditional art practices and design, exploring the society and nature surrounding her. In particular, she was introduced to the social aspect of traditional art by observing people in her village working and singing together while weaving and creating. Her family house was like a design studio: her mother was well-known designer modeling official garments in the community. Her father used to dye the raw materials for weaving in different color schemes.

This key early period in her life helped her explore and establish a strong connection with nature, an appreciation for team work, and an understanding of color schemes and installations. A keen observer and curious learner, Zlati experimented with colors and small toy projects of her own.


Zlati took drawing and painting lessons with two of the best Bulgarian art academics at that time, Professors Chokanov and Belmustakov. At the university, she studied for an MSc engineer in geodesy, photogrammetry and cartography, which further developed her analytical, modeling, and synthesis skills.

Later, she kept on developing her artistic talent by designing jewelry, clothes, greeting cards, and accessories. She started collecting folklore textiles which she arranged, framed and displayed also at national fora. She was also commissioned to decorate celebrations and commercial displays at traditional holidays. She enjoyed this original process art, and through it got to know herself, developed a sound understanding and experience, and established a wide platform for her future art career in fine arts, installations, and sculpture.


Zlati is working on several projects – open-ended and shorter ones – in watercolors, photography, installations, digital. The project "Random Walks of Happiness" employs most of her time recently. She is a member of the "Associazione Romana Acquerellisti" and regular participant in John Yardley's watercolor workshops in Dedham Hall, England.


  • Exhibition "Roma in Acquerello", Galleria Angelica, Roma, Italia, 2021
  • Ettore Roesler Franz commemorative exhibition "Paesaggi in Acquerello", Tivoli, Italia, 2021
  • Exhibition “Padova città d’acque, città dell’acquerello”, Scuderie di Palazzo Maroni, Padova, Italia, 2021
  • Virtual exhibition "Roma in Acquerello", Roma, Italia, 2020
  • Exhibition "Acquerello Italiano", Galleria Angelica, Roma, Italia, 2019
  • Exhibition "Roma in Acquerello", Arte Borgo Gallery, Roma, Italia, 2019
  • International exhibition "Canada Italia Olanda", Galleria Angelica, Roma, Italia, 2018
  • Exhibition "Roma in Acquerello, Arte e letteratura", Galleria Simmi, Roma, Italia, 2018
  • International exhibition "Mediterraneo: Spagna Italia Grecia", Galleria Angelica, Roma, Italia, 2017
  • Exhibition "Roma in Acquerello", Galleria Angelica, Roma, Italia, 2017
  • Exhibition "Roma in Acquerello", Galleria Angelica, Roma, Italia, 2016
  • Exhibition "Roma in Acquerello", Sale del Bramante, Roma, Italia, 2015
  • National retrospective exhibition "The Art of Textiles in Bulgaria", UBA, Gallery "Shipka 6", Sofia, Bulgaria, 2001
  • Decoration of the venue for stately reception of high-profile guests, Vocational School of Garments "Knyaginya Maria Louisa", Sofia, Bulgaria, January 2000