Zlati Evtimova is a Bulgarian artist based in Rome. She is a multi-disciplinary conceptual, experimental, and process artist. She holds a Master's degree from the University of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Geodesy, Photogrammetry, and Cartography and has expanded her artistic horizons through courses with professors from the Bulgarian Academy of Fine Arts. Zlati has been a member of the “Associazione Romana Acquerellisti” since 2015. For about seven years, she has also been a regular participant in art workshops in Dedham Hall, Essex, England, with some of the most famous and celebrated English artists, such as John Yardley, Colin Radcliffe, and Steve Hall.

Her primary method of creating artwork is rooted in a profound study of the history of traditional and folklore art on one hand, and modern and contemporary art history on the other. The knowledge of the two strands – folklore and modern – has enabled her to deconstruct the bounds between them and construct her own linkages and concepts. Utilizing cartography and the principles of modeling maps, she has developed a unique approach to creating harmonious, minimalistic, and easily readable maps. Employing colors, masks, lines, and transformations from 3D to 2D models, her expertise in this area stems from a combination of extensive experience and a personal sensitivity to color and harmony.

This deep understanding and philosophy are manifested across various mediums, as she continually pushes boundaries and explores new platforms to craft her own artistic narrative using the language of art. Zlati is working on several projects – open-ended and shorter ones – in watercolors, photography, installations, digital art. The project "Random Walks of Happiness" employs most of her time recently. Simultaneously, she has started several interactive participatory art projects with educational purpose for the participants and herself, applying a direct hands-on approach, providing training in different techniques, color theories, and art principles, inspired by Josef and Anni Albers.

In two consecutive years (2022/2023), her flag designs were selected for display at the month-long Flag Project held at Rockefeller Center's Plaza. In 2023, the promotional video for the Flag Project prominently began featuring her distinctive flag design. These flags are currently housed at the Rockefeller Center. Beyond this notable recognition, she has actively engaged in exhibitions both in Italy and internationally, contributing to various charity exhibitions as part of her broader artistic endeavors.


  • Exhibition "Roma Nell'Anima", Galleria Angelica, Rome, Italy, 2023
  • Participant in the Flag Project exhibition, Rockefeller Center, New York, USA, 2023
  • Exhibition "Roma e in Acquerello (storia, colori e natura)", Arte Borgo Gallery, Rome, Italy, 2022
  • Participant in the Flag Project exhibition, Rockefeller Center, New York, USA, 2022
  • Exhibition "Roma in Acquerello", Galleria Angelica, Rome, Italy, 2021
  • Ettore Roesler Franz commemorative exhibition "Paesaggi in Acquerello", Tivoli, Italy, 2021
  • Exhibition “Padova città d’acque, città dell’acquerello”, Scuderie di Palazzo Maroni, Padova, Italy, 2021
  • Virtual exhibition "Roma in Acquerello", Rome, Italy, 2020
  • Exhibition "Acquerello Italiano", Galleria Angelica, Rome, Italy, 2019
  • Exhibition "Roma in Acquerello", Arte Borgo Gallery, Rome, Italy, 2019
  • International exhibition "Canada Italia Olanda", Galleria Angelica, Rome, Italy, 2018
  • Exhibition "Roma in Acquerello, Arte e letteratura", Galleria Simmi, Rome, Italy, 2018
  • International exhibition "Mediterraneo: Spagna Italia Grecia", Galleria Angelica, Rome, Italy, 2017
  • Exhibition "Roma in Acquerello", Galleria Angelica, Rome, Italy, 2017
  • Exhibition "Roma in Acquerello", Galleria Angelica, Rome, Italy, 2016
  • Exhibition "Roma in Acquerello", Sale del Bramante, Rome, Italy, 2015
  • National retrospective exhibition "The Art of Textiles in Bulgaria", UBA, Gallery "Shipka 6", Sofia, Bulgaria, 2001
  • Decoration of the venue for stately reception of high-profile guests, Vocational School of Garments "Knyaginya Maria Louisa", Sofia, Bulgaria, January 2000